Basic data 2014

“European Newspaper Congress 2014″

From the 4th to the 6th of May 2014 Europe’s best newspaper makers met for the 15th “European Newspaper Congress” in Vienna. The concepts and ideas of the best daily and weekly newspapers in Europe were presented.


“European Publishers Forum 2014″

The “European Publishers Forum” was held in 2014 for the 6th time. Chief editors, publishers and media managers were discussing the topic “Process of change”


“European Editors Forum 2014″

At the “European Editors Forum” 2014 the focus lay on the task of how to achieve a process of change in the editorial offices.


Participants 2014

From 35 countries about 520 chief editors, media managers and designers took part. With a special scholarship to Eastern Europe and with the help of JTI, 78 chief editors and journalists from CEE countries have been invited.


Sponsors 2014




Get-together, Sunday, May 4th 2014

Participants meeting at the “Get-together” including a cruise on the Danube at the MS Admiral Tegetthoff.


The “Get-together” was sponsored by “VÖZ”, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich and Industriellenvereinigung.

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European Publishers Forum, Monday, May 5th 2014

The European Publishers Forum was held for the 6th time.

Let’s keep rethinking everything!

Richard Gingras, Director Google News, on the dramatic changes in the age of digitalization.

Investing instead of resignation – Rebuilding media houses with courage and curiosity

Veit Dengler, NZZ-CEO, about the process of change of the NZZ and what it means for the editorial office.

Process of change – Perils and chances

Wolfgang RosamNZZ-CEO, about the reasons why some processes of change succeed while others flop.

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European Newspaper Congress, Monday, May 5th 2014


Markus Wiegand  

Opening of the Congress

by town councillor Christian Oxonitsch.  


Norbert Küpper. Europe’s newspaper trends in 2014 – Major innovation and strategy trends in European newspapers 2014.


Case Study “NRC Reader”: A new formula for success? Less news for more money

Jelle Prins

Case study “de Volkskrant”: The traditional departments are replaced by “the most important”

Pieter Klok “de Volkskrant”

Case study “Freunde von Freunden”: Creating relevance in a networked community

Zsuzsanna Toth, “Freunde von Freunden”. The magazine from Berlin is reporting about people from all over the world. It has created a distinctive community and business model.

Case study “Hallingdólen”: Alternative types of stories and visual storytelling in local news

Bjarne Tormodsgard, editor-in-chief “Hallingdólen”.

Achtung, robot journalist!

Frederik Fischer, Tame Mirko Lorenz, Datawrapper
Johannes Sommer, Retresco

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Winners Dinner, Monday, May 5th 2014

The Winners

Weekly Newspaper of the Year:
“Welt am Sonntag”, Germany
Local Newspaper of the Year:
“Hallingdólen”, Norway
Regional Newspaper of the Year:
“Leeuwarder Courant”, The Netherlands
National Newspaper of the Year:
“de Volkskrant”, The Netherlands

The Awards At the Dinner
View at the hall Game Table from Casinos Austria

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European Editors Forum, Tuesday, May 6th 2014

Journalists are just like football players

But will they make a team?

Hans-Dieter Hermann  

Our Dreamteam 2014 – how do we achieve the process of change in our editorial offices?

Panel discussion with Prof. Hans-Dieter Hermann, Horst Pirker (News) and Rüdiger Ditz (Spiegel)

Horst Pirker (News) Rüdiger Ditz (Spiegel)
Markus Wiegand (editor-in-chief “Schweizer Journalist”) and Hans-Dieter Hermann (psychologist)  

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European Newspaper Congress, Tuesday, May 6th 2014


Case Study “Leeuwarder Courant”: The daily surprise is the product claim

Hans Snijder, “Leeuwarder Courant”  

Case Study “Welt am Sonntag”: The brilliant tricks of the German classic

Frank Schmiechen, “Welt am Sonntag”, Germany

Case study “”: Storytelling for tablet & Co

Simone Duarte, “” Sónia Matos, “”  

Achtung, robot journalist!

Wanja S. Oberhof, Niiu Niko Ruokouso, Scoopshot
Cord Dreyer, text-on Markus L. Blömeke, teleocon

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European Newspaper Award – Awards of Excellence, Tuesday, May 6th 2014

The Awards of Excellence were presented on tuesday.

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Exhibitors at the European Newspaper Congress 2014

WAN-IFRA retresco
teleocon Kongressdokumentation Carpe Diem


Sponsors of the European Newspaper Congress 2014

JTI Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
Waldquelle City of Vienna
Sprizzero Twinings
Helmut Sachers Kaffee Casinos Austria
Anker VÖZ
OMV: OMV invited 30 editors-in-chief for lunch with the director of Google News Richard Gingras.