How does „Politiken“ Denmark succeed?

“No media is stronger than the relationship they have to their readers”. That is the philosophy of Christian Jensen, the new chief editor of “Politiken”. From that perspective he initiated a continuous series of journalistic campaigns. The first campaign – “What’s up Europe?” – was launched in summer 2016 during Brexit that shook Europe.

“Politiken” asked 28 newspaper cartoonists from the 28 EU countries to draw their version of the future of Europe. This selection of cartoons was published all over Europe and got attention from readers, politicians and European institutions. The next campaign was called “We visit you at your home”. All “Politiken”-staff – commercial and editorial – was sent out to visit more than 180 readers to listen to their praise and criticism.

Did these face-to-face interviews change “Politiken” for good? And what about the third and fourth campaigns?


TU May 23rd, 2017 // 10.50 am – 11.10 am

Christian Jensen
chief editor

Søren Nyeland
Design Editor