What Europe’s publisher are working on. What they do new, what they do differently and what they don’t do anymore. The ten most important trends 2017.

TU MAY 23RD, 2017 // 9.30 AM – 9.50 AM

Norbert Küpper

Newspapers worldwide are trusting in a strong coverstory. On the cover a topic is presented very generously and is then continued on several pages. In doing so the newspaper is gaining a new function: In the past the fast and short news were important, but today it is the large background-story. Nowadays even daily news are presented in this way.

This is one of the ten newspaper trends Norbert Küpper will present at the European Newspaper Congress 2017 in Vienna. The German newspaper designer is watching the most important changes of European newspaper trends every year. This year Küpper will concentrate on examples from Germany, Austria and Swizzerland. „Although in the visual presentation still newspapers from Scandinavia and the Low Countries are leading, Germany, Austria and Swizzerland have caught up“, says Küpper.