How free readers become paying customers by archive content.

MO May 22nd, 2017 // 11.50 am – 12.10 pm

Dominik Grau
Chief Innovation Officer
Ebner Verlag

Journalistic content is first produced very expensively but then often stay untouched after being published. All media companies know that this is a tremendous waste – and accept it. The publishing group Ebner in Ulm has developed an effective strategy to use content for more than just one day – the Evergreen Content Strategy. Just like there are songs that never get out of fashion, also publishing houses have content with similar characteristics.

For example on the watch-portal of Ebner,, „The most expensive watches worldwide“ has become one oft he most successful evergreens. The story has first been published as a simple news but since then has called a lot of attention. „The trick is to split the text and the pictures in many small snippets and to spread them permanently on different channels. Also „The watches of famous presidents“, „Basic principles of watchmaking“, „The watches of James Bond“ and „The most exciting secrets of Rolex“ have proved to be strong evergreen-content“, explains Dominik Grau. The Chief Innovation Officer of Ebner will show all details oft he Evergreen Content Strategy in Vienna and will explain why you need more than good content. You also have to invest in staff, technology and software. He will also show what the benefit of those investments is. „With a good plan evergreens can arrange a predictable reach, which can be converted into user-addresses, marketable reach or into direct revenues“, explains Grau.

Very important is a permanent update oft he content. This is just one of the things Ebner found out. Although evergreens have kind of an all-time-character, it doesn’t mean that they function automatically after the first publication. On the contrary: That’s where the work starts. At Ebner content is getting refreshed every 90 days by adding pictures, videos and texts. In doing so an evergreen can be relevant and interesting for several years. In Vienna Dominik Grau will also be available for chief editors and media managers to take a look at their cases and to check out if and how they can also use the Ebner-Strategy in their media companies.