How they think. How we gather them as employees – and keep them.

Host: Annette Milz, chief editor of „medium magazin“

TU MAY 23RD, 2017 // 11.10 AM – 12.00 PM

What happens when publishers truly listen to their users?

Nothing builds loyalty as much as deep engagement – the feeling of being part of a community. “Opinary” established a new way to make the opinions of the users heard: “Opinary” is supporting a strong engagement and is building a deeper relationship between audiences and the newsroom. Pia Frey is sharing the experiences and the benefits that come up when newsrooms start listening.

Pia Frey explains how “Opinary” builds relationships with the audience.

Pia Frey

Hello, I am Resi!

The first product of the Berlin company is „Resi“ – a chat-bot that lives within an app and that spreads the most important news of the day in an entertaining way via a messenger-interface. Apple selected the app among the ten best apps 2016. The jury of „medium magazin“ has voted Martin Hoffmann „Entrepreneur of the year 2016“.

How a Startup makes news for Millennials, explains Martin Hoffmann, founder and CEO of “Resi”.

Martin Hoffmann

Founders, Facts & how to overcome all these „Yes, but…“ phrases

“Media Lab Bayern” is a an early-stage incubator for media startups and a hub for digital innovation in the media market. The organisation supports teams and talents who want to start their own media project or startup. “Media Lab Bayern” opened its doors in July 2015, as a safe space in which interdisciplinary teams can get together and come up with ideas. “Media Lab” offers a Media Entrepreneurship Program to help talents to validate their media startup idea. The Media Startup Fellowship offers teams office space, mentoring and a protoyping budget to get their media startup started. “Media Lab Bayern” is a project by the BLM and sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology.

Lina Timm is the founder and program director of Media Lab Bayern – an incubator for new ideas in digital journalism.

Lina Timm
Media Lab Bayern