Head of Audiovisual media, Departement Design,
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Why the Swiss media company “Ringier” is investing in a proprietary VR app and pushing 360° videos, including throughout English-speaking regions, how the Berlin-based start-up IntoVR is producing journalistic content and staying profitable, how a young journalist went on to win the 2017 German Reporter Award on the back of a report on VR, and how the Reuters Institute has raised questions about “VR journalism – the next reality?” in the media industry. All the details during a talk with Christiane Wittenbecher, IntoVR (Berlin), Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Head of Video Ringier, and Martin Zimper, Professor for Audiovisual Media at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Martin Zimper has studied communication science, philosophy, dramatics and economics at the university of Vienna. He received his doctorate in 1989. Since 1996 he is teaching storytelling at universities. As media consultant, shareholder and program-director in Austria he is involved in the launch of several media projects and start-ups. He is also author of some screenplays (TV Primetime). Zimper is teaching, experimenting and researching in the applied field of audio-visual media technologies (“where audio-visual media goes social”). He is speaker on an international level.