president of the Federal Center for Political Education

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Thomas Krüger, director oft he Federal Center for Political Education

Thomas Krüger, born 1959, was trained as chemist from 1976 till 1979. After that he studied theology before becoming vicar.

He stared his political career in 1989 being founder member of the social democrats in GDR. Till 1990 he was director in Berlin (East) and member of the People’s Chamber of GDR. From 1990 till 1991 he was the first debuty of the mayor of East Berlin and councillor at the urban administration of Berlin and the government. From 1991 to 1994 he was senator for Youth and Family in Berlin. From 1994 till 1998 he was member of the German Parliament before taking a break of two years.

Since July 2000 he is president of the Federal Center for Political Education.

Thomas Krüger also shows engagement in cultural and social matters: Since 1995 he is president of the German Children’s Fund, since 2003 he is member and since 2012 assistant president of the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media. Since 2016 he is chairman oft he foundation „Digital Games Culture“. Since 2014 he is member of the board of trustees of the cultural foundation of the German Football Association and member of the users’ advisory board of Georg-Eckert-Institute, the „Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung“. Since 2013 he is also member of the council of research of the project “culture and foreign affairs” of the institute for foreign affairs. From 2005 till 2009 he was member of the jury of the cultural funds and from 2007 till 2011 he was member of the supervisory board of the “Initiative Music”.