Federal Chancellor

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Christian Kern was sworn in as Austria’s Federal Chancellor on 17th May 2016.

After working as a journalist and in the Austrian Parliament and Federal Chancellery, Kern launched a career in the energy sector in 1997. At Verbund AG, Austria’s largest energy utility, he was appointed to the group’s management board in 2007. He then switched to the Austrian Federal Railways Group, where he served as Chairman of the Management Board from 2010 onward. In this capacity, he also became Chairman of the Brussels-based Community of European Railways (CER) in 2014. Under Kern’s leadership, the Austrian Federal Railways investigated the railway operator’s role during the Nazi era in a project entitled “Suppressed Years”.

Kern was born in Vienna on 4th January 1966, and he graduated from an academic secondary school in Vienna’s 11th district (Simmering). He then went on to study sociology, political science and communications at the University of Vienna.

(Photo: BKA)