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TU MAY, 23RD 2017 // 13.10 PM – 13.20 PM // The transformation of Economistul
Daniel Apostol has more than 25 years of experience in professional journalism. Since 2000 he had some key positions like Executive Director of The Money Channel (a business TV that was broadcasting in Romania between 2006 and 2014), Executive Director and chief editor of InvestRomania and Eurolider magazine, Managing editor oft he magazine Fapte weekly. He also was chief editor of the section of economic policy at the weekly magazine Capital (which at that time – 1990-2000 – was the most important weekly business magazine in Romania), anchor oft he radio-news and news journalist for Pro Fm / Info Pro, back in the 90’s. He is holding a joint  MBA program graduation Diploma at Romanian Academy of Economic Science – Ottawa University, a Diploma at State University Suceava. He also graduated the BBC School for Journalism, Bucharest, Romania. He is preparing a PhD at Ovidius State University of Constanta (History of the relation between the press and the politicul power in post-comunist Romania). Daniel Apostol is guest lecturer/professor at Bucharest University – Faculty of Journalism.
Daniel Apostol wrote and published works like “Crisis, The Fifth Power” in 2009, a research about the Romanian Leadership during the decade between 1920 and 1929. It is about the economic and political crisis, the leaders and their decisions and the way the Romanian press covered it.
Since January 2016, he is editorial director of the monthly magazine „Economistul“, an economic publication, very appreciated by the business environment for articles and analysis on topics such as business, macro and economic policies or international affairs.
Daniel Apostol is member of the International Federation of Journalists, founder member of Economic Press Club of Romania and honored member of Red Cross since 1996. He is also a Board Member for the National Council of Small and Medium Size Enterprises, and secretary general of ROPEPCA (Romanian Association of Oil and Gas Producers), member of the Romanian Association for Economic studies and Prognosis – ASPES. He is also a fellow of JTI European Scholarships for Journalists program and continues to support it as a member of the selection committee and speaker for the participants at the training on EU affairs, which is one of the stages of the program.

Economistul – a monthly economic magazine, founded in 1990 and published by the Economistul press group, supported by the General Association of the Romanian Economists in Romania and ASPES.
The magazine includes opinions, editorials and analysis by the best experts in Romania these days. The editorial team is formed by young journalists and contributors with a lot of experience in the economic area. The content is consistent, up-to-date and presented in an attractive way. The new layout launched in September 2016 was created by Daniel Apostol working with his teammates, following an original concept.