Chief Executive Officer
Ebner Verlag

MO MAY 22ND, 2017 // 10.20 AM – 10.40 AM // The digital transformation of a media house
Gerrit Klein (*1962) has studied political science, modern history and Spanish philology at the Rhenish „Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität“. After he got his master in 1990 he started his career as director of VDZ („Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger e.V. Bonn). Seven years later Gerrit Klein became part of the publishing management of technical magazines at „Deutscher Fachverlag“ and was Member of the Board D&D Verlag (Istanbul).

From 2002 til 2007 he was director of „Vogel Industrie Medien“ and „Vogel Business Media“. He also was chairman of the „Vogel Consulting Company“ (Beijing). Since 2008 Gerrit Klein is director of „Ebner Verlag“ (Ulm), where he is leading the publishing group into the digital era with the „New Ebner Strategy“. Being CEO of „Ebner Publishing International“ (New York) and chairman of Unit Wydawnictwo Informacje Branżowe (Warsaw) he is also responsible for international publishing companies.