Head of Global Communication

TU MAY 23RD, 2017 // 10.30 PM – 10.50 PM // Why Daimler is more and more counting on bloggers
Jörg Howe is Head of Communications of Daimler AG. After he has finnished his studies of History, Anglistics and educational science at the University of Hamburg, Howe first started working as a freelancer for several ARD-programs and was correspondent for „Deutsche Presse Agentur“. In 1988 Howe became Head of „General Services“ in the editorship of „ARD-Aktuell“. From 1990 til 1993 Howe was part of the editorial staff of „ARD-Aktuell“ at Sat.1. The next two years Howe spent at MDR as deputy chief editor and chief editor oft he magazines „Brisant“, „Telethek“ and „Indiskret“. In 1995 Howe became programme director for the family- and daily program. One year later Howe switched to Sat.1, where he was director and chief editor till 2004 and where he initated the magazine „Blitz“.

After that Howe was poached by „KarstadtQuelle“. At „KarstadtQuelle“, later called „Arcandor“, Jörg Howe was Head of Communications, before he changed over to Daimler in November 2008. Since 2007 Howe is member oft he programme advisory board of HSE24 and chairman of the Media Council of „Medienanstalt Hamburg/Schlewig Holstein“.