MO MAY 22ND, 2017 // 14:00 – 14:40 // The Newsroom and it´s own video department
Julian Reichelt is journalist and since 2007 chief editor of the German daily newspaper „Bild“. From 2002 till 2003 Reichelt was trainee at „Bild-Zeitung“. He was reporting from Afghanistan, Georgia, Thailand, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon – partly doing war reporting.

In 2007 he became chief editor. Since February 2014 he is chief editor of „Bild.de“. In February 2017 the publishing company Springer announced that Reichelt will follow Diekmann as Head of the editorial board and that he will carry the responsibility for the whole editorial office.

In 2008 Reichelt received the Axel-Springer-award for young journalists in the category „national daily newspapers“.