Director of Operations & Marketing

TU MAY 23RD, 2017 // 12.50 PM – 13.10 PM // How Refinery29 recruits employees
Nora Beckershaus is the Director of Refinery29 Germany and has been managing the lifestyle brand’s strategic orientation in Germany since its launch in June 2016. Refinery29 is a media company founded in New York more than 10 years ago. It is best known for its market-changing native advertising model with a focus on branded content solutions. Beckershaus identifies strongly with this approach, stating that branded content is where great journalism and commercial success meet.

Beckerhaus grew up in Hamburg and went to school in Oxford, Great Britain. After shifting professions from law to journalism, she worked for some of the largest German publishing houses such as “Burda”, “Bauer” and “Axel Springer”, where she went on to operate as part of the editorial team for magazines like “Bild”, “Stylebook”, “Bunte”, “InStyle” and “Bravo”.

She quickly developed an interest for the digital market’s infinite potential. As a consequence, Beckershaus started working with AS Ideas Ventures, Axel Springer’s product development, in 2013. At AS Ideas Ventures, she focussed on data-driven journalism, native advertising and platform strategies. Within only 12 months under her leadership, Springer’s start-up “Celepedia” turned into a market-leading digital brand for young adults.

The German founder and CEO of Refinery29, Philippe von Borries, especially praises Beckershaus’ profound expertise and her diverse field of interests: “With the successful launch of R29 in Germany, we took a big step towards the global expansion of our identity. We are proud of Nora Beckershaus and the amazing job she is doing in manifesting our brand in Germany.”