Director of Operations & Marketing

TU MAY 23RD, 2017 // 12.50 PM – 13.10 PM // How Refinery29 recruits employees
Nora Beckershaus is Director of Operations and Marketing at Refinery29. Beckershaus was born in Berlin, but grew up in Hamburg. When she was 16 years old, she went to an international school in Great Britain where she did her Swiss graduation as International Baccalaureate. During her law studies shw discovered her love for journalism. She started working at “Bunte” as assistant of chief editor Patricia Riekel.
After a short intermezzo at the lifestyle-department at “Instyle” she switched to “Bravo” in 2011.

After that she changed to Springer and together with the journalist Christiane Hoffmann arranged the digital column of “Bild” called “Katjas Kladde” by Katja Kessler. When Beckershaus turned 25 she was responsible for the “last page” at “Bild” (celebrities, interviews, red carpet, entertainment). The next step was “Celepedia”, the online portal about celebrities by Axel Springer. She was part of the developing process of the portal which marked her step into the digital scene.

According to Beckershaus the correct analysis of date is also the key to success for Refinery29. In addition the exact knowledge of the target group is very important, which in the case of Refinery29 are women between 18 and 34 and Millennial Minds who can find everything on the platform which they would want to discuss at brunch. Being the director for Germany, Beckershaus is not only responsible for the sound of the portal but also for the financing. She is very much focusing on native ads. “For us this is the intersection between excellent journalism and commercial success”, explains Beckershaus. “We are an Inhouse-advertising-agency and are creating individual solutions for our clients thanks to branded-content-team.” About half of the revenue comes from traditional advertising, the rest is done via native ads. Refinery29 is bluring the dividing lines between content and branded content, but is is insisting on a clear identification of the advertisements that were created by its own team.