Vitaly Sych
chief editor at Novoe Vremya

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Ukraine: Vitaly Sych, chief editor at “Novoe Vremya”

Sych started his career in 1997 as a business researcher at the “Kyiv Post”, Ukraine’s anglophone newspaper. One year later he became a political reporter. In 2000 he became business editor and then nation editor. The issues they covered at that time ranged from corruption in President Leonid Kuchma’s entourage to the murder of the journalist Georgy Gongadze. At the same time, Sych worked as a reporter for an economist group publication covering topics from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
After six years at the “Kyiv Post” he moved to the russophone weekly magazine “Korrespondent”. They transferred the American work principles and journalistic standards they had at the “Post” to “Korrespondent”. Two years later the magazine became one of the most respected titles in Ukraine. They published a photo story of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s mansion from the bird’s eye view and investigated real sources of his income.
In November 2013, Sych left “Korrespondent” when Yanukovych’s associate Sergei Kurchenko bought it and introduced a new editorial policy. He left in protest as well as a large part of the editorial team. The team found a new investor and launched a new weekly magazine called “Novoye Vremya” plus a website. They both quickly became the most popular and reliable sources of information for Ukrainians.
Sych published comments in “Businessweek”, “Bloomberg”, Russia’s most respected daily newspaper “Vedomosti” and other publications.