Clarity Instead of Information Overflow

basler_zeitungEurope’s regional newspaper of the year, “Basler Zeitung”, Switzerland: The “Basler Zeitung” has to fight several powerful enemies: The fast Internet and three free daily newspapers. But it appears like an island of clear and factual information in this increasingly confusing market. It tries to present the topics of the region with clear layout and conception.
The “Basler Zeitung” has a circulation of 93.000 copies. It is produced in the Swiss format, which is almost identical to the handy Berlin format. The newspaper employs 90 journalists, three photographers and ten layouters.

geering_matthias-baz_smallMatthias Geering, editor in chief

Studied architecture at the ETH Zurich. Started 1984 as a staffer of the sports department. Editor in chief of the „Basler Zeitung“ since january 2007.

adams_michael-baz_smallMichael Adams, art director

Studied communications design and started his career as a designer and photographer. Joined the „BZ“ in 2001 and became the art director in 2003.