How to combine design, content and organization – key for successful publishing

web_svenskaEurope’s newspaper of the year, “Svenska Dagbladet”, Sweden: Continuous innovation has transformed Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) from an old-fashioned newspaper into a modern media house. The key success factors are collaboration and the ability to combine design, content and organization.
The “Svenska Dagbladet” recognized very early the unity of print and online. The latest news is on the Internet and the newspaper itself is a daily magazine. Selected contents are designed to be extremely readership friendly with fact boxes and info graphics. The weekend supplement is a highlight of European newspaper design. The “Svenska Dagbladet” was one of the first broadsheet quality newspapers in Europe to adopt the tabloid format. It has a circulation of 194.800 copies.  It employs 210 journalists of which 50 are “subeditors” who lay out the pages. Additionally there are ten photographers and eight designers for info graphics. The website was awarded as “Sweden’s Best Media Website” in 2007.

annaxelsson_smallAnn Axelsson, m. of editorship

Ann Axelsson is a member of the editorial magnagement group, weekend editor and editor of the culture section. She has also worked with several of the paper’s development projects.

annawthurfjell_smallAnna W Thurfjell, design director

During the past five years she directed the redesign of the newspaper and supplements. The switch to tabloid became a role model for many Nordic newspapers.