Award 2012

European Newspaper Award 12+1

The principal prize winners from Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany

This year, the best newspapers in Europe come from Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany. All in all, 226 newspapers from 27 countries took part in the 12+1 European Newspaper Award (eleventh award 241
newspapers, twelfth 219).

The principal prize winners.

Since there are great differences between local newspapers, regional newspapers, national newspapers and weeklies, the principal prizes are awarded in four categories. The following is granted for exemplary design and concept with the European Newspaper Award 12+1:

* European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Local newspaper: Hordaland, Voss, Norway
* European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Regional newspaper: Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin, Germany
* European Newspaper of the Year, Category: National newspaper: Berlingske, Copenhagen, Denmark
* European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Weekly: NZZ am Sonntag, Zurich, Switzerland

The European Newspaper Award aims at contributing to foster the sharing of information about the conception and design of newspapers throughout Europe.

The Trends

The trend towards the tabloid format is slowly continuing, since many newspapers have changed to this handy size. Last year, news-papers in the Netherlands and Ireland changed to the tabloid format.  

The main trend:The main trend: Newspapers are further very much characterised visually. There were a great number of submissions especially in the category “visual storytelling”. Here it is a question of conveying information by combining images, infographics and text. Another visual category, the photo report, is gradually being applied more frequently outside Scandinavia as well. In the field of conception and innovation, German publishers have a head start, because – with much commitment – editors develop series and thematic supplements, by way of example.

A further trend: In the German language area, some newspapers do without the text being colour-highlighted. Only the images are coloured. This approach enables a quiet and serious appearance to be supported.

There were but a few participants in the on-line category. There are five winners in the iPad category. In this category, one award went to Sweden, two to Norway, and two to Germany.

Members of the jury

This year, the 10 members of the international jury came from seven countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The jury met and deliberated on two days in Hotel ParkInn in Kaarst near Düsseldorf.

The jury comprises journalists, scientists and designers:

* Xymena Weiß-Gendera, Editorial-Design, Germany
* Søren Nyeland, Politiken, Denmark
* Prof. Joachim Blum,Media Consultant, Germany
* Georg Taitl,Editor-in-chief „Der Österreichische Journalist“, Austria
* Haika Hinze,Art-Director, “Die Zeit”, Germany
* Theo Dersjant,Director Fontys School of Journalism, The Netherlands
* Sylvia Egli von Matt,Director Swiss School of Journalism MAZ, Switzerland
* Walter Jensen,„Bergens Tidende“, Norway
* Anci Holm,„Svenska Dagbladet“, Sweden
* Dirk Steininger,Art-Director, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

Members of the jury are excluded from assessing their own newspaper.

The competition is organised by the newspaper designer Norbert Küpper from Meerbusch. He co-operates with the journalist nmagazines “Medium Magazine”, Frankfurt, “Der Österreichische Journalist” (“The Austrian Journalist”), Salzburg and “Schweizer Journalist” (“The Swiss Journalist”), Oberuzwil

In addition to the principal prizes, outstanding work in various categories, e.g. front pages, inside pages, infographics, typography, photography, photo stories, supplements, special pages, receive “Awards of Excellence”.

Awards were granted to 52 German newspapers. Austria: 7 newspapers, Switzerland 9. All in all, for the 12+1 competition, “Awards of Excellence” were granted to 133 newspapers from 22 countries.

An overview of the best European newspaper concepts of the 12+1 competition will be added to the website by end of the year.

The complete list of the winners is to be found on the Internet on There the award logo and some pages of the winners can also be downloaded. The results of all European Newspaper Awards to date are also documented here.

The awards will be ceremonially presented in Vienna at the “European Newspaper Congress” on 7th and 8th of May 2012, where the trends for the newspaper world will be introduced.

Jury statements to the principal prize winners:

European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Local newspaper: Hordaland, Voss, Norway

Hordaland stands out from the other local newspapers in the competition by the way it handles images, typography and the front page. The front page is mostly very striking, provided with only one photograph and one headline. With the photographs, just a few large images are relied on, very well cut in size. What is conspicuous with the typography is the headline type “Sun Sans”, because it has a distinctive and contemporary effect.
Pleasing from the economic viewpoint: Circulation has not changed for two years, the advertising contingent probably being around 50 percent. Hordaland: An exemplary local newspaper for Europe.

About the newspaper
Hordaland has a circulation of 9,500 copies and appears in Norway. The newspaper has 10 editors, 2 photographers and 2 layouters. Hordaland is produced in tabloid format and is stitched.

European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Regional newspaper: Berliner Morgenpost, Germany

Both in full format as well as in tabloid format, the newspaper appears very serious through the typography and the way the images are dealt with. On all pages, the page layout is very neat and well-balanced. With the tabloid experiment that appeared in connection with the elections to the Berlin City Parliament, very modern elements were also employed, such as the rather image-heavy cover page. Long stories inside the tabloid number were made extremely reader-friendly by images, info-boxes and infographics.

About the newspaper
Berliner Morgenpost has a circulation of 123.963 issues (IVW II / 2011) und reaches about 362.00 readers (MA 2011). It appeared both in Nordisch as well as in tabloid format for a short time. This newspaper is produced in an editorial network with other newspapers of the Axel Springer AG.

European Newspaper of the Year, Category: National newspaper: Berlingske, Copenhagen, Denmark

Berlingske does not have any hectic tabloid vibrancy, but relatively long articles presented in a quiet four-column layout. In their size, the images are well-balanced, providing, on the whole, a very serious and yet contemporary appearance. Some sections, such as the business one, and a weekend journal are to be found in the centre as pull-outs. More work is done here with photo stories, illustrations and a relaxed layout. Special highlights with regard to contents and design are finally set by the weekly “Berlingske Nyhetsmagasin” and the travel magazine “Escape” that appears four times a year.

About the newspaper
Berlingske has a circulation of 98,000 issues. The newspaper has 100 editors, 16 photographers and 10 layouters. Berlingske changed to the tabloid format some years ago.

European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Weekly: NZZ am Sonntag, Zurich, Switzerland

NZZ am Sonntag has a particularly well-defined structure initiated by seven sections and the supplement “Stil”. The front pages of the sections have large page headlines with small promoboxes. Each section therefore has its own front page. The front page and pages two and three are dedicated to current news. This is why short articles are also to be found here. Otherwise, the reader is spoilt with long articles presented in generous column width and with a clear page layout for reader-friendliness. Last but not least: The circulation of NZZ am Sonntag has increased by 10,000 issues in the last two years.

About the newspaper
Die NZZ am Sonntag has a circulation of 130,000 issues and appears in Berlin format. This newspaper has 41 editors, 2 Art-Directors and 4 layouters.


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