Case Study Extra: How infographics bring newspapers to life

How, almost by accident, a door to the new media world is opened.

Infographics continue to be neglected by many editors. This is really quite puzzling, as they have everything that readers and media professionals would want. Infographics tell the most difficult stories, seemingly without any effort. They bring newspapers to life and are also one of the most important links between the old and the new media world. The Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has its own infographics department; its work is considered to be among the best in the world. The Swedish infographic designers don’t just supply the print journalists with graphics, but have developed their own pioneering brand of infographic journalism.

In Vienna, Anci Holm, Manager of the Infographics Department at Svenska Dagbladet in Sweden, reports on her personal experiences with infographics, which topics are successful and which are a flop even as graphics, how to connect to the new media world and where the editorial department sees itself over the next few years.

Anci Holm, Manager of the Infographics Department at Svenska, Sweden