Case Study “Trouw”: The new profundity in the newspaper – with daily supplements

Marseille Henk

Henk Marseille is art director of “Trouw”.
He startet at “Trouw” as designer in 1994, since 2004 he is art director and in 2005 he redesigned the newspaper from full format into tabloid format.
In 2010 he did a redesign and was in charge of the design of the two magazines “Tijd” and “letter & geest”, which are attached to the newspaper.

Willem Schoonen

Willem Schoonen is editor-in-chief of “Trouw” since 2007.
He was born in 1958, has been editor for scientific topics from 1985 till 1992, then has been correspondent in Brussels. From 1998 till 2005 he has worked as an editor in the section of “de Verdieping” and has been editor for economic topics till 2007.

“Trouw”, the Netherlands, is Europe’s national daily newspaper of the year

“Trouw” – besides the traditional ressorts of a national newspaper – also has a lot of supplements, like the daily “de Verdieping”, where topics are presented in a more detailed way. In 2012 two more magazine-style supplements have been developed: “letter & geest” (letter and mind) with the subtitle “for readers and thinkers”, and “tijd” (time), which also concentrates on a more detailed view of topics of daily life. With that “Trouw” is doing much more than only daily news and it is more and more turning out to be a daily weekly newspaper.

“Trouw” has a print run of 105.000 copies in tabloid format. It is published in Amsterdam. The newspaper is employing 105 journalists, 14 photographers and 14 designers.

In Vienna chief editor Willem Schoonen and art director Henk Marseille will explain, how they are reaching a new profundity of reading and how their readers are reacting.






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