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Monday, 2:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Continental broadsheet and magazine thinking housed in a tabloid format

Long reads, intellectual content. Illustrations and generous use of great photography. It sounds like a magazine, but Norwegian weekly Morgenbladet holds on to its nearly 200-year long history as a newspaper. And with success: The number of subscribers is growing, and half of them are younger than 40 years.

Many years have passed since the last broadsheet newspaper disappeared from Norway. People prefer a more handy format or reading online. How can we give a modern, visually appealing design to the analytical an in-depth content from the broadsheet tradition?

Many of the fields Morgenbladet covers, such as politics, science and intellectual debate are abstract and challenging to visualize within traditional newspaper boundaries. Many of our texts calls for an interpreting illustration, visual elements which are not only documentation, but which offer aid to the reader, something which underlines the points of the text. How can we apply this kind of magazine thinking to a newspaper format?

Morgenbladet’s solution lies somewhere between the magazine and the broadsheet. A combination of these different traditions of editorial design, borrowing only the format of the tabloid newspaper, but filling it with content and design from the two other mentioned outerparts.

Peder Bernhardt has been Art Director of Morgenbladet since October 2017. He is a graphic designer with a background from print design for the cultural industry. His position as Art Director includes long term development of Morgenbladet’s visual identity as well as the responsibility of designing the weekly edition.